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OOC: Comprehensive Episode Guide [Dec. 10th, 2008|10:42 pm]
The Special Hell (Firefly/SGA Universe)


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Okay, so we sorta need this updated. Episodes 0-1.5 are listed (here). That post ends with Episode 2, which is where I shall begin here.


[Episode 2: The Heist]

Once back on Serenity, Inara has another talk with Mal, and the two discuss everything from Simon and Kaylee to ZPMs. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is having her own conversation with Sheppard, if only to satisfy her own worries. Both conversations end on a good note, at least.

More willing to speak with Dr. Weir than Col. Sheppard, Mal takes the leap of faith through the Stargate meet the new potential employer. After the basics have been hammered out, Serenity's crew comes for a visit for the actual planning stage of the op. Kaylee stumbles upon Lorne during the latter's down time, where flirtation ensues.

Shortly after the assembled team leaves for Haven, Sheppard decides to take a little break to indulge in some time off, something he rarely does and is always being badgered into doing by Elizabeth. After seeing the plight of Atlantis' new friends, John decides it's high-time someone helped them out and he and Sharra make the trip back to the 'gate so he can report back. He and sharra don't have long to wait before supplies and a helping hand arrive and Haven is outfitted for a bit more of a fighting chance.

And it seems that help has arrived none too soon, since it's not long before the Reavers attack Haven once more. This time, however, they have John with them, and he co-ordinates the counter-attack. After all is said and done, and John's sure that Haven gets the hang of how to better defend themselves, he heads home, but not before he gets confirmation from Major Lorne that the heist has gone well and, minimal injuries aside, everyone's in one piece.

[Episode Interlude - Vegas, Baby]

Once things have settled down and routines are back to normal, Team Sheppard heads out on a mission, in which John makes a snap decision to return to Atlantis with a couple of prisoners and an injured woman. They have no idea where these people came from, but for all intents and purposes, it seems that they don't belong to this galaxy, either. After making sure Mia gets to the infirmary for treatment, John is confronted by Elizabeth, who isn't all that happy about the situation, but has yet to make a decision one way or the other. Elizabeth has a nice long chat with Mia, in which the two women discover that they probably understand each other more than they'd like. Once Atlantis' Administrator is done talking with the young miss, she goes back to confront Sheppard a second time, this time, wanting to know what the hell he was thinking, and banishing him to vacation-hell for two weeks.

When Inara gets wind that he's leaving for a bit, she goes to find out what's going on. Satisfied that things aren't as dire as she had feared, yet still a little concerned in regards to John, she hugs him for as long as she can before he has to go. Deciding to head back to Earth, John takes a Jumper through the newly formed 'Gate Bridge* back to the SGC and heads to Vegas. He gets to do a bit of soul searching, finally nailing what his problem's been as he searches for a place to hang out for two weeks. While there, John gets to drop some cash although, much to his chagrin, he manages to acquire a stalker but manages to work some more stuff out in his head regardless.

After sending off a couple of letters for the weekly Milky Way - Pegasus info swap, he gets his own bit of mail from home, and goes shopping. He has a final showdown with his stalker before he heads home, and manages to get rid of her, much to his relief.

At some point during all this, Mia and Elizabeth have another talk, and an alliance of sorts is forged between Mia's people and Atlantis. Mia is no longer treated to a security escourt and is allowed to come and go as needed, although she is still restricted from the more sensitive data that Atlantis has to offer.

Once back on base, John stops in on Mia and they have a bit of a heart-to-heart and the Lt.-Col. apologizes for his role in Mia's current predicament. Then it's off to see the wizard Elizabeth as promised, two weeks exactly from the time she had dismissed him...

....And that's where we're at. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

* For the sake of this 'verse, the Intergalactic Gate Bridge is created months before the events in The Return. Management apologizes, but it was the only way to get Shep to Earth and back within the two weeks, as we wanted to save the "extended departure, epic take-back" plot-device for our version of The Return and having him jet back through the 'Gate and then spend 3 weeks on the Daedalus was unacceptable. Just an FYI for those in the throes of WTFing.