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Okay, so we sorta need this updated. Episodes 0-1.5 are listed (here). That post ends with Episode 2, which is where I shall begin here.


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....And that's where we're at. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

* For the sake of this 'verse, the Intergalactic Gate Bridge is created months before the events in The Return. Management apologizes, but it was the only way to get Shep to Earth and back within the two weeks, as we wanted to save the "extended departure, epic take-back" plot-device for our version of The Return and having him jet back through the 'Gate and then spend 3 weeks on the Daedalus was unacceptable. Just an FYI for those in the throes of WTFing.

John Sheppard - Smirk

Reporting For Duty, Ma'am...

[shortly after (this)]

This would be one Lieutenant-Colonel, in full base-uniform and knocking off casual salutes and waves to those he passes, walking across the bridge from Control Room to Administrator's Office, and leaning nonchalantly against the door frame as he knocks on it.

"Hi, honey. I'm home," he says to the room's occupant, with his trademark grin. Whether this should raise any alarms in anyone's mind or not is anyone's guess.

John Sheppard -- Shy Grin

Back on Base

Sheppard had a couple of hours before he was officially back on duty, but he would be the first to admit that it was good to be back in uniform. It had been a very long two weeks.

And before he began running the joint, again, he needed to check in with the person who had landed him in all this hot water (outside of himself, whom he had already dealt with).

Which is why he's nodding to the guards outside of Mia's quarters and knocking on her door...
looking back
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[Episode Interlude] "Recovery" Time

Mia had spent the next several hours sleeping off whatever pain medications their Dr. Beckett had given her. She'd woken up at some point, and while she wouldn't admit it, she'd gone almost right back to sleep, partly because of her injuries and she knew rest was needed to heal. Besides, she'd felt safe enough and she didn't see much use in trying to get to go home early if she didn't have the real energy to argue.

But it's now several hours later. And she's woken up again. She's very hungry, a little bored, and most likely stuck in the infirmary. She glances around casually to see if -- yeah, those would be soldiers still hanging around. She sighs and if it's possible while already laying down, almost flops back onto the bed. Her boredom's going to grow fast, so maybe it's time to get up and explore, even if it is only the infirmary.

"Hello?" she calls out, trying to look around and see if anyone on the medical staff is here. Food is her number one priority. Then she can see about alleviating her boredom.

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Team Shep -- Default

[Episode Interlude] A New-Comer.

Team Sheppard is going through the final stages of gearing up, in the Jumper Bay, ready to head out on a mission to P5J-X77.

"So, how long's it been since we've had a bona fide exploration mission?" McKay asks idly, for once not complaining about anything. The MALP readings must have been seriously favourable for this to occur.

"Far too, long," Sheppard replied, tightening his tac-vest, and clipping on his P-90.

"You cannot deny that the last several weeks have been intriguing," Teyla commented, double-knotting the laces on her boots.

"To say the least," Ronon agrees, giving Sheppard a bemused look.

Sheppard clears his throat and ignores the lot of them, double checking to make sure that they have everything stowed and that pre-flight is completed.

[ooc note: this takes place shortly after The Heist.]

[Episode Interlude] Bored. (open thread)

There's an off-duty Major hanging around who's seriously bored.

He's been around the common areas of the city several times now, and seeing as how lunch is over and everyone's gone back to work save for those like him with down time, he's pondering pulling out the paints. Figuring that this is as good a time as any, and the view he's been eyeing for his next painting is coming into some really good lighting soon, he decides he'll yank out the coloured pencils at the very least.

So. Evan Lorne, sitting on a balcony, pad of paper in his lap and drawing tools next to him.

He's open for an impromptu posing session by a willing subject.

[ooc: this takes place before The Heist and shortly after The Gate.]
John Sheppard -- Default

[Ep. 2: The Heist] Research and Development

[A/N: This takes place some time during the actual heist. Taggable by anyone and everyone poking around the Firefly 'verse and living on Haven not directly involved with the main plot.]

Lieutenant-Colonel John Sheppard knew there was no way he'd be allowed on the strike team that was heading out to retrieve the coveted ZPM from Inara's 'verse. So he graciously stepped back and didn't even bother volunteering, letting Elizabeth make her own choice on who to take. (Of course, she had asked his counsel and he had given it freely, helping her to put together an ATA-able crew that would help augment Mal's people.) He had watched from the control room's balcony as they all headed out through the gate, wishing them a silent good luck and God speed.

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[Ep 2: The Heist] Meeting the Cap'n

Any nervousness that Weir might have felt at the prospect of meeting Inara's Captain was mitigated by the possibility of a ZPM. It had been something of a surprise when Radek had told Weir of her surprise, not at seeing the ZPM but at seeing something that was apparently familiar. Weir had kept it to herself for a bit, not wanting to raise anyone's hopes.

But then Inara had contacted her to set up a meeting with her Captain Reynolds, and it seemed as though it might actually happen. They might actually get a ZPM, one that would not need to be re-routed elsewhere, one that would not be snatched out of their hands by Genii or Replicators.

Weir stood, hands clasped in front of her, a point of calm in the center of military tension. The marines were all standing alert and wary, not having any idea what this person or group of persons might be like, knowing only that they came from another galaxy, possibly another universe.

It was, even for Atlantis, an unusual set of circumstances.
John Sheppard -- Hurt

[Episode 1.5: Common Ground] Homecoming.

The Jumper emerged from the glowing blue puddle, which disengaged shortly after, then floated gently up through the open portal and into the Bay.

Despite being speed healed and reverse-life-suckied (Sheppard made a mental note to try and convince Carson to make that the Official Technical Term), he was weary. The Wraith may have restored his life, but he couldn't restore the strain of being held captive and resisting torture. At least, not the muscle-memory of it, and it was surprising how short a time it took for the human body to adapt to the pain of it, when it took so much longer to adapt to other, more voluntary things.

He had insisted on piloting back to Atlantis, so he could use the excuse of shut-down proceedure to stay behind, but Carson, bless and/or curse him, would have none of it, and ushered the Lt.-Colonel down to the infirmary, where he was promptly subjugated to every test known to man.

Carson Had To Be Sure, after all.

Once medically cleared, Elizabeth sent him off to his room and told him to take the rest of the day off.

This would be John Sheppard, taking his time in getting to his room, making another mental note to maybe talk to Heightmeyer at some point in the very near future.

OOC: Comprehensive Episode Guide

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[just a note regarding the first thread linked to in The Heist: I know it's been tagged as part of Episode 1: The Gate however, since the events in the thread take place after Inara's trip to Atlantis and the things they talk about pertain to the second mini-plot, it's being put under Episode 2 as a sort of transition thread, and will be tagged as both ep 1 and ep2. If I forgot anything, please let me know and I'll fix it. Common Ground and The Heist to be updated as soon as they progress.]